At Simons Uniforms, we have a multi-head embroidery machine which is equipped to embroider all types of garments: shirts, jackets, bags and hats.  We also embroider rank on collars and shoulder epaulets. 

We stock numerous varieties of service bars and hashmarks. 

If we do not have the size, color or combination you need, we will be happy to create the custom bars for you. 

We also offer digitizing services.  We have over 1000 designs in stock. 

If we do not have what you are looking for, we are happy to help you create a custom design.

Emblems are a large part of the uniform simply because they define your department or your company. 

Here at Simons Uniforms we create hundreds of emblems every year.

If you do not have artwork, we are happy to create it for you simply based on your ideas.